Sleeping Beauty

Christine Thomas - Princess Aurora
& Ramil Bagmanov - Prince Florimund

Also starring Amanda Rose Hall and Daniel Sarabia as the Flames of Paris and the Enchanted Bluebirds, and Natilie Alverez as the Lilac Fairy along with many other amazing dancers, Sleeping Beauty is performed by the South Florida Ballet Theater Company. The South Florida Ballet Theater is a community supported, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing execellence in classical ballet training and performances in South Florida.

Join in the wedding celebration of the Princess Aurora and her charming Prince Florimund, while their guests, the enchanted Lilac Fairy, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Puss "N" Boots and the White Cat, Cinderella, Precious Gems and the Enchanted Blue Bird and her Prince dance in celebration of their wedding,